Liam Hoare

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In WWI, Jews Fought for Britain. So Why Didn't Britain Fight for Jews?

On how the Second World War confirmed what the First had foretold, that in a Europe of nations and nationalisms, there was no place of Jews, for The Forward (August 22, 2014)

'Making Stalin Laugh' Finds Humor in Tragedy

On Making Stalin Laugh, a new play about the Moscow State Yiddish Theatre, for The Forward (June 23, 2014)

UK's 'Rainbow Jews' Look to Past and Future

On the launch of Rainbow Jews, an oral history project and exhibition on the LGBT Jewish experience in the United Kingdom, for The Forward (February 12, 2014)

Rising Number of French Jews Making Aliyah

On the causes behind a 63 percent increase in the number of French Jews making aliya, for Tablet (December 30, 2013)

Could Spreading European Anti-Semitism Drive Jews From Homelands?

On the FRA survey and how for European Jews, the struggle against anti-Semitism has gone online, for The Forward (November 25, 2013)

What Soccer Gave the Jews

On Anthony Clavane’s Does Your Rabbi Know You’re Here? and what football has given to English Jews, for The Forward (August 13, 2013)

In Kosovo, daily survival is a joint struggle for Jews and Muslims

On the Jewish community of Prizren and the struggle to sustain Jewish life in Kosovo, for The Jewish Chronicle (August 9, 2013)

In Kosovo's Tiny 'Jerusalem,' a Struggle To Sustain Jewish Life in Corner of Balkans

On the Jewish community of Prizren and the struggle to sustain Jewish life in Kosovo, for The Forward (July 2, 2013)

Jonathan Sacks and the Twin Danger Facing Jews

On Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’ retirement address and his proposition that assimilation and ultra-Orthodoxy are twin challenges to Judaism, for The Forward (June 25, 2013)

A Bittersweet Holocaust Memorial in Berlin

On the controversy and division that continues to surround Berlin’s Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, for The Forward (June 21, 2013)

More Than Memory of Jews in Macedonia

On the history and present state of the Jewish community of Macedonia, for The Forward (June 3, 2013)

Hungary, Where Europe's Ugly Faultlines Meet

On how anti-Semitism in Hungary is bound up with a larger and more troubling shift towards authoritarianism and nationalism, for The Forward (May 2, 2013)